Robert Cameron

Untitled #5

This piece is an aesthetic distillation of the experience of a wine and comes from the Veritas collection, which originates from the phrase “In Vino, Veritas” – or “In Wine, Truth”. I wanted to create a collection with truly subjective imagery because when you perceive something abstract, truth becomes individual to the observer. 

This piece has hundreds of feet of hand blown borosilicate glass, filled with wine that has been hermetically sealed to prevent the colour from evolving. The wine is in front of a black abstract painting, which has been photographed and printed on acrylic gold mirror. In front is museum grade plexiglass which filters out the UV light to further protect the wine from ageing.  

Wine can be talked about visually and not just verbally. The micro-vials in this work speak to its complexity and the symmetry of the image is in reference to its balance. My intention with this piece and all of my work is to elevate wine and hold it in reverence.

Wine, borosilicate glass, acrylic mirror, ink, museum plexiglass
33 x 48 inches (framed) edition of five
Editions Available