Sommelier Sculptor

The Post-Modern Artist

Robert Cameron is a Canadian artist who incorporates wine into post-modern sculptures

The Process

Turning wine into works of art

“In 2013, I began painting with wines. The range of colour in the spectrum of wine is quite amazing but the problem is oxidation. What was once a vibrantly coloured painting can quickly turn to something unattractive, muted and brown. It was through this process that I came up with the concept of preserving wine within sculpture.

I started to experiment with hermetically sealing wines under a vacuum in borosilicate glass vessels and protecting them from UV light with museum grade plexi. This experimentation led to my first collection of wine sculptures titled “Time, suspended”, in 2014. My second collection, titled “P a u i l l a c” was inspired by the three first growths of the Pauillac region from the 1855 classification of Bordeaux. These sculptures were aesthetic distillations of the experience of the wines and their chateaux. Since then my collections have continued to evolve with various materials and different inspirations. The one common element throughout all of my work is my intention to elevate wine and hold it in reverence.”

The Man Behind the Art

Robert Cameron is a Canadian artist who incorporates wine into postmodern sculpture. He has been heavily inspired by his experiences while traveling to over twenty-five wine producing countries. Cameron is a certified Sommelier with the International Sommelier Guild. He graduated from the University of Victoria in British Columbia and obtained his Masters while studying in Bordeaux, France. As both a sommelier and an artist, Cameron’s work challenges and investigates the many aspects of wine: colours, varietals, prices, cultural history, sensuality, critical evaluations, and hierarchies of value.

Robert Cameron