Robert Cameron

Two Single Flowers (blue)

i   n   f   l   o   r   e   s   c   e   n   c   e ,   2   0   2   3

Inflorescence, which was created between 2016-2023, is a collection of contemporary, dystopian florals fabricated from ballistic steel and liquid sealed inside of borosilicate glass. 

Cameron’s grandmother, who went by a man’s alias (Heath Anderson) to disguise the fact that she was a woman, was a famous artist in San Francisco. She was known for floral watercolour paintings and did 45 covers for Sunet Magazine and Standard Oil (#1 circulated magazine in North America) between 1928-1934. Her work as an interpretation of the times and the optimism necessary during the great depression lead Cameron to ask “where is nature now?”. These pieces act as mirrors into the future; mirrors into yourselves. They represent your version of nature, because it is not there. They are not in fact “florals” but the absence of florals. Certain pieces in this collection contain pesticide, (a first time departure for Cameron from wine) to provide a more compelling juxtaposition between the materials and subject matter.

wire brushed copper, copper with blue patina
42 x 42 inches (framed) edition of ten
Editions Available