Robert Cameron

Time, Suspended

Cameron’s collection of wine sculptures, titled Time, Suspended., showcase sealed vials of wine protected from air and UV light to invite contemplation of time. In using a medium commonly known for change, the abstract idea of time becomes visual, highlighting the subjectivity of the viewer’s experience.

Cameron’s wine sculptures create a suspension of time, both in perception and in reality. His work invites contemplation of the beauty and pleasure of wine, which creates a perceptual suspension of time. His museum grade glass framing, with hermetically sealed glass vials, keeps air and UV light from the wines. They are now frozen in their ageing process. His technical process with the wine suspends time in reality, while the contemplation of the wine suspends time in perception.

The inspiration for the arrangement of the vials came from UPC product barcodes. The characteristics of a commercial barcode provide a compelling and ironic contrast between the utilitarian and the artisanal.

The wines used in his sculptures come from all over the world and date back to as early as the 1820s. He may place a prestigious wine worth thousands of dollars next to a bottle of plonk, focusing solely on colour. They sit as beautiful sensual equals in their industrial bar code framing, inviting contemplation of the many aspects of value and beauty – among wines, among peoples.

Mirror finish stainless steel, wine, borosilicate glass
60 x 8 inches, edition of five
Editions sold out