Robert Cameron

Ballistic Steel Wall

The back wall in this installation is 1/8” thick ballistic steel. This metal was selected for both its aesthetic qualities and for its iron properties; not for its functional impermeability to bullets.

Copper, brass and mirror finish stainless steel “Judd-like” boxes provide juxtaposition to the rough, industrial ballistic steel. Supporting hand blown, limited edition Riedel wine decanters, these boxes are secured to the wall through a magnetic bond, allowing for complete versatility to add or remove components without any screws, nails or holes in the wall.

Fourteen foot, solid wood shelves were handcrafted out of Tarara from Brazil. These curved shelves wrap into the corners providing contrast to the quadrangular metal boxes as well as an aesthetic framework for the entire installation.

Ballistic steel panels, Tarara wood, copper, brass, stainless steel, rare-earth magnets
162 x 36 x 96 inches (L x W x H)